Not even the novel Covid-19 virus can withstand this revolutionary technology. Sani UV-C manufactures and develops technology, as well as systems suitable for various environments, including yours. Their products undergo stringent standards of testing in controlled environments which result in Maverick being able to offer tailor-made solutions in the Medical, Workplace Wellness and Food & Beverage sectors.

Years of experience has enabled the Sani UV-C team of Air Quality Assessors and Engineers to take you and your company one step closer to achieving the ultimate hygiene standards, placing you a level above your competitors and current risk factors, including (but not limited to) the novel Covid-19 virus.

What makes Sani UV-C different?

Sani UV-C has been manufacturing in Southern Africa since 1993 and understands that chemical free technology is an applied science. To ensure that all clients have the most accurate solution, it is imperative to obtain information on your facility or dilemma and go over all requirements and proposals from a technical analysis, before implementing a specific yet cost-effective solution.

Maverick is an authorized and approved distributor and installer of all Sani UV-C products.